Grow Out Your Pixie With SSBD!

How To Grow Out A Short Hairstyle - Advice From The Hairdressing Experts At Same Same But Different in Windsor, Victoria

The pixie cut is a timeless look that can be both stylish and practical. However, if you're over your pixie and ready to grow it out, there are a few things you should know.

The hairdressing experts at our hair salon in Windsor, Victoria, have put together a handy guide on how to grow out a pixie cut whilst still looking great...

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Patience Please!

If you want to grow out your pixie cut, the first thing you need to do is muster up your patience! It can take several months for your hair to reach the desired length. Start by letting your hair grow out naturally without trimming it too often (although it will need to be trimmed as we explain further down). Once your hair starts to get longer, you can start experimenting with different hairstyles to find what works best for you.

Hair Hacks

If you're struggling with the growing out your pixie cut, there are a few hairstyles that can help disguise this awkward phase. One option is to wear your hair in a messy bun, styling your hair into a cool quiff, curling your hair or wearing a little bitty ponytail. This will help to disguise any shorter layers and make your hair look longer overall.

Another option is to get a chic short bob haircut or even try a cool modern mullet style. This can help to give the illusion of length, allowing the growth to look less unintentionally messy, while still keeping your hair looking stylish.

Pomade to Tame the In Between Time

When it comes to taming the growing out phase of the pixie cut, there are a few styling options to choose from. A popular option is to use gel or pomade to create defined waves or curls. This can help to give your hair some added volume and texture, and can make it easier to style as it grows out.

Another option is to let your hair air dry for a more natural look. This can be a great way to avoid damage to your hair from heated styling tools, and it can also help your hair to stay healthy as it grows. Ultimately, the best styling option for you will depend on your personal preferences and your hair type.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to just let your hair grow out without any styling or care - you and your hair deserve better than that!

Say NO to Split Ends!

Split ends are not only unsightly, but they're really bad for the health of your hair! Split ends are caused by the protective layer of the hair shaft being removed which can happen due to several factors, including heat damage, harsh chemicals, and over-processing. Once the protective layer is removed, the hair becomes susceptible to breakage. The best way to prevent split ends is to avoid these damaging treatments and to use protective products when styling.

If you already have split ends, the only true, tried and tested way to get rid of them is to trim them off. However, if you're growing out a pixie cut, you'll have to let things take their time and try to prevent further damage until you can trim them. 

To prevent further damage, avoid heat styling and harsh chemicals as much as possible. Use a deep conditioner at least once a week to help replenish lost moisture - or book an nourishing in-salon treatment at Same Same But Different. We have a treatment to suit everyone and come on, you know you deserve a little pampering! Find out more about our treatments here

Bobby Pins to the Rescue!

Spiky, sassy, and always on trend, a pixie cut is a great way to show off your individuality and style. However, we accept that growing out a pixie can be a challenge at certain times, and sometimes you have to enlist help - enter the humble bobby pin!

Bobby pins can be a lifesaver during the awkward in-between stage of hair growth. Use them to create texture and definition, or to sweep stray hairs back into place. Be creative and have fun experimenting with different looks, try some cute styles including braids and twists.

Cut Your Hair to Grow Your Hair? 

When growing out your hair, it is important to get regular trims. This may seem counterintuitive but trimming actually helps your hair to grow faster and healthier. Split ends travel up the shaft of the hair and can cause damage much higher up the shaft - meaning you'll have to go even shorter when you want to get rid of them!

When the split ends are removed, the hair shaft is sealed and protected from further damage, meaning that your hair will be stronger and less likely to break.

While it may take patience to grow out your hair, getting regular trims is an essential part of the process. Not only will you end up with healthier, stronger hair, but you’ll also enjoy a nicer style in the meantime.

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