We Pride Ourselves
On Honesty, Diversity,
Community And Creativity.

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We aren’t just a salon; we are a movement. We will always advocate and practice equality, diversity and sustainability. Everything we do, every decision we make, as a collective, is to better the world and our community.

Welcome to Same Same But Different.

Let us take you through who we are and why we are here. We aren’t just a salon; we are a movement. We will always advocate and practice equality, diversity, and sustainability! Everything we do, every decision we make, as a collective, is to better the world and our community. We have gender-neutral pricing. This means everyone gets charged the same for a haircut, we believe in charging for time, not charging based on your gender. We have created a judgement free space where we celebrate what makes you, uniquely you. We will always deliver the same level of expertise and care in every service, for everybody, at all times. Over 90% of everything we use in the salon is recycled or a recycled material. We will keep working to find solutions for unsustainable materials as we try to do our bit to help the environment and preserve our planet. We use Salon Waste Systems, an Australian owned company, that collect all our waste, from the foil we use, the tubes your colour comes in, even the chemical wastage, and recycles or disposes of it correctly to reduce the footprint the hair and fashion industry leaves. Our salon partners, EVO, DAVINES and OLAPLEX align with our values. From evo Hue-Verse botanical colour to Davines’ reforestation programs and everything else in between, as a collective, we are all making a difference.

Meet the team at Same Same But Different.

We have a tiered pricing structure to ensure we can provide a suitable service at a suitable price for all.

KYLIE (aka Vallance) Salon Co-Ordinator

The glue that sticks everything together! A lover of the Melbourne culture after moving here from country NSW, especially the op shopping and fashion. Kylie, in her own words, “has an addiction to hair products”, (seriously there isn’t a product she hasn’t tried or bought), and has a profound knowledge of them all, and even though she isn’t a hairdresser, her desire to help people achieve their goals is incredible, and will give you confidence in her recommendations. Your first and last point of contact at Same Same But Different!

BECC(aka Becatron) Principal Stylist


Originally from Tassie, Becc is obsessively passionate about human connection and making hair healthy. You will struggle to find a more caring, loyal person than her!! From the in-depth, honest consultation process that she provides to the after care once you leave the salon, her dedication to her clientele is incredible.

Her talent is just as big as her heart. A great stylist that can enhance your natural colour or give you a makeover, an absolute gem!

TEGAN (aka Tegsie) Advanced Stylist

In her own words “The Perth beach snob, turned Melburnian”. Tegs is a dedicated student of the industry and her craft, constantly furthering her knowledge in the hair industry to make sure she can deliver the most up-to-date techniques for all her guests in the salon. A visionary and a practical thinker, a true hair expert that delivers some of the most beautiful colours you will ever see.

CLAIRE(aka Bear) Advanced Stylist

ANOTHER ONE from Tassie. An artistic eye with the ability to create insane colours. Bear really is the Queen of change! With 13 years’ experience in the industry and a passionate developer of connection and education, she will deliver you an honest, complete diagnosis on your hair and what will suit you. If you have an idea, Claire can develop it….if you’re not sure what you’re after, she can create the idea for you.

JORGIE (aka Jorge, in Spanish) Advanced Stylist

Brisbane born, proclaimed dog lover that has two cats, Jorge loves a chat. The most infectious personality you could wish to be around! Jorgie has learnt her craft here in Australia before travelling to the UK, educating herself further, before moving back here to Melbourne. Along her travels she found a Scotsman that she also brought back here, so don’t be surprised if she drops some adopted Scottish words in her conversations. A quality hairdresser, a true problem solver, that loves her colouring and transformations.

SHANNA (aka Batman) Senior Stylist

Yet another one originally from Tassie!! Batman, as she is most affectionately known as in the salon, is one beast of a talent! Recently qualified, but with a wealth of knowledge, education and experience, including her nomination for Australian Apprentice of the Year in 2019, Shanna really does epitomise the future of the industry. Her love for people and her dedication to reaching her maximum potential is infectious, couple that with her ability to create seamless colour and cuts, you can see why she is creating a large and loyal clientele so quickly.

SHANNON (aka Knowlsey) Emerging Stylist

Lovingly known as ‘Knowsley’, Shannon is an Emerging Stylist loaded full of talent and determination. While she can’t sing like Knowlsey she certainly has an eye for all aspects of hairdressing. You will be seeing a lot of her on the floor.

SARAH (aka Darling Sarah) Emerging Stylist

The other part of the dynamic duo. Sarah is a 1st year apprentice that has quickly become an integral part of our team. Her talent is very clear to see so watch out for this one!

TOM WHITE Salon Director


Australian Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and multiple finalist for Australian Educator of the Year. Tom has cemented himself as a leader in the industry and now brings Same Same But Different to the community. He and his crew share the same common goal, to add value which ever way possible to the community they serve.

Known for his precise haircutting techniques, innovative business and educational ideas, Tom is a person that stands up for what he believes in and is dedicated to producing an inclusive environment for his team and guests which anyone and everyone can enjoy!

“The best thing about Same Same but Different is the crew that we have. All of the team have contributed to the makeup of the salon and what we stand for, all of our values and beliefs align. You can see that in our brand pillars that we created together, Honesty, Community, Diversity and Creativity. These are the foundation this company is built on and what the company will always advocate. We are all on the same mission and we are going make as much noise about it as possible to get our message across”

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Authenticity really is the most beautiful thing, and when you're being yourself, that's when you really shine. ☀️🔥

We got the deets from @jjscolourist on @_jesse.green_'s killer look from Content Day. Check it out 👇

🙌 1/2 scattered and placement foils.
👉 Zone tone and #davinesaustralia Oi treatment to help enhance Jesse's curls.
💁‍♀️ Styling was androgynous to suit with Jesse being non-binary.

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Collection by @tomwhite_hair - Australian Men’s Hair Specialist of the Year 2021 Finalist for @aushairindustryawards!

Tog - @bernardgueitphoto
Makeup - @se___artistry
Stylist - @sirleroylorenzo

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All our blondies, are you ready to get back to the salon? Raise your hand. 🙋‍♀🙋

We know your blonde is just screaming for some TLC!🙌 We are screaming too, for your blonde, and then some other reasons too 😁😅

This gorgeous, bright, warm blonde is courtesy of our lovely @tegan.kelsie.hair. She’s ready to get back on the floor, SHE IS READY! 👏

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