Volume 5: Goals 101 – Part 1

Goal Setting is an art when done properly. It takes some persistence and clarity to build a plan to achieve goals because the plan isn’t always obvious. That’s normal by the way, it isn’t supposed to be easy at all, but there is a way of making it easier. If you have been following along with the monthly TommyTalks then this will be easier for you to digest because you should have your Intrinsic Drivers worked out and present in your life. These intrinsic drivers are the basis of your goals.  

Goal Setting 101 

By now, if you have been following along with the training we have been doing in the salon, you should have a clear idea of what your intrinsic drivers are and what your passions are. Even though your intrinsic drivers will give you the psychological edge to push forward, goal’s tell us where we want to go. There are 4 steps to breaking down goals, you have you MTP – massive transformative purpose, you HHG’s – high hard goals, your CG’s – clear goals and your daily tasks. We are going to cover the big two, MTP’s and HHG’s, This is your ultimate goals and your ambitious goals.  

Massive Transformative Purpose

Breaking Down Goals 1The first thing we do is to create a Massive Transformative Purpose, or a MTP for short. Summed up, an MTP is your huge life-changing ‘why’. It’s the big dream or fantasy, the thing that you class as ‘you reaching for the stars’. My advice when doing this, if your dream doesn’t make you uncomfortable saying it out loud to begin with then it isn’t big enough.

High Hard Goals

We then break them down into High Hard Goals, or HHG’s. These are the smaller, more directly attainable goals that all align with your MTP. HHG’s is how you filter out the bullshit time wasting. If you are doing something that doesn’t aid in the progression of your Massive Transformative Purpose, you shouldn’t do it. THIS IS CRITICAL! What the point of wasting the motivation you have created on shit that doesn’t aid you in your progression. Your HHG’s act like your filtering system. High Hard Goals are good for many other things apart from filtering out the useless stuff you don’t need. They are essential for momentum. These are the medium step ladders to you ultimate MTP. They are a steroid for attention and persistence which are critical in sustaining performance and productivity.  

The reason why they are called High Hard Goals is because they are supposed to be exactly that, High and Hard. They should require struggle and work to achieve them. Setting yourself a goal that you have attained before isn’t a HHG, the goal has to make you work hard and sweat for the desired outcome or it won’t work. 

This way of goal setting goes all the way back over 2000 years ago when, Greek philosopher, Aristotle, found that the establishment of a goal is a primary motivator of human behaviour, so the clearer it is, the easier it is to break down and innovate. Setting goals is simple enough, but if you set the wrong goal at the wrong time, it will dramatically decrease your motivation. On the flip side, if you create the right goal at the right time, in the right sequence, dramatically improves your motivation, perseverance and performance.  

Setting goals can be stressful, and it has always been believed that stress dampens productivity, until science proved otherwise over the last decade or so. Science shows that, providing we know how to harness stress as a friend, productivity and performance level’s increase by nearly 25%, which is massive! 

The brain is a predictive mechanism and is constantly trying to see an outcome to a situation before it happens, so you are best prepared for action. We take Info into the brain, and it links it to past experiences and then aligns that with our goals. This is how we decide what we are going to do next in any given situation. So, if your brain has a goal direction, it will look for a purpose (pattern recognition) and then it will search for the info and build a bigger motivation around the goal, therefore keeping you on track and focussed. This is why Massive Transformative Purposes broken down into High Hard Goals works so well. So, your challenge is to write down your MTP, go BIG! Then break that down into your HHG’s, make them clear, make them hard. Make sure they require you to leave your comfort zone and test your grit 

Next month, we will cover your Clear goals (CG’s) and how to break that down further to your daily tasks. 
Sidenote – thankyou for all the positive feedback once again on the TommyTalks. It's incredible to  know that these have helped people in some way and its great for you, our community, to know what’s going on inside the salon. 

Take care, much love