Volume 6: Goals – Part 2

Part 2 of Goals 101 – Clear Goals and Daily Tasks

Last month we went through how to build your Massive Transformative Purposes (MTP’s) and how to break that down into High Hard Goals (HHG’s). Now, if you are following along with this, and you should be because I guarantee it will give you clarity on your day to day processes and motivations, 
more than likely you haven’t been able to nail down your MTP’s and your HHG’s. It took me nearly a year and I’m still editing them. That’s the beauty of this, everyday the goals get clearer and the paths to them become more visible.  

What we are going to do this month is break down what you have into Clear Goals (CG’s), which are subsidies of your High Hard Goals, and your Daily Tasks which are subsidies of your Clear Goals. The biggest problem I have found when setting goals is that I used to get overwhelmed. I used to look at 
my MTP’s and couldn’t see a clear path to achieving them. A few months ago, I did a piece on Routine, and a big part of that routine was writing down your Daily Tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed during the day. Its easier to tackle each task as an individual task rather than get the brain confused by trying to tackle 2- 10 of them all at the same time. This is essential in the goal process. The clearer your brain pathways are the easier it is to complete the tasks.  

Clear Goals (CG’s)

These are the steps needed to achieve the HHG’s. These are your smaller, achievable tasks, you have to complete to get towards you HHG’s. Your HHG should be big enough that you cant achieve them overnight, so you still need to break them down into smaller steps so you can work systematically 
towards them. The CG’s should require effort still but be achievable in a shorter amount of time.  One of my MTP’s is to Revolutionise the Hairdressing Industry. Our industry is old and stale, it hasn’t evolved with the times and, if you know me, you know that it grinds my gears! We miss out on attracting young talent because people don’t see what can be achieved, earnt and experienced within a career in hairdressing. Because of this, one of my HHG’s is to change the hair education system. 

I want the crew at SSBD (and the whole industry) to be knowledgeable humans, whether that’s practical education or emotional education. I want hairdressers to have the same respect as doctors, lawyers and architects. To achieve that High Hard Goal, I have to break that down into other sections, 
Clear Goal’s.  

I broke it down into 3 CG’s, Mastery of Service , Business Education and Neurobiology Education. I list all the aspects needed to create an education system for all three and I have allocated 10 hours per month on each discipline. Your Clear Goals should be a month-to-month structure of what you need 
to do with deadlines attached to them. Humans are bad at deadlines; we always give ourselves breathing room to complete a task. I say bugger that, make the deadline short so you have to get a move on! 

The 3 CG’s I have in this High Hard Goal have a deadline which is the 22nd of September 2022. That has given me 1 year to get this done and I am nearly finished.  Once you have you Clear Goal, then you are ready to break that down even further. 

Daily Tasks 
Daily Tasks are probably the most undervalued system of all. Daily Tasks are the only way to save you time. Most people will waste time on crap that just doesn’t get them closer to their Goals. Shit that just doesn’t matter. We lose focus without task lists because our brain is designed to complete things 
that you have put in front of it. If its just in your head, the pathways cross and you can never focus on just one thing.  

If you want to achieve anything big, a plan and structure is needed and that plan needs to be broken down so even on your bad day, you are still able to perform. Completing daily tasks and scribbling them off a list gives you small dopamine hits, we know these small hits aid us in momentum, momentum craves more dopamine, so your brain want the same feeling again the day after, and the day after. So if you keep doing daily tasks and completing them you are creating more purpose behind your goals which drives more curiosity around the knowledge needed to achieve those goals. 

It’s the perfect way to never get overwhelmed because your brain doesn’t have to worry about what it has to do next because you’ve already planned it out.  
The key to Daily Tasks is to start small. My limit is 8 things that I can do to the best of my ability per day, every day. I did start at 3 when I first did this. It’s about building up your capacity to do more things at a higher level. You can’t run before you walk in case you will get frustrated and lose motivation. To sum up goal setting, its structure and repetition. The more you become understanding of the fact the repetition and routine is the gate way to success the better. 

Remember, we all smile in the same language