Volume 7: The Guide To Grit – Perseverence

Let's talk Grit. Grit is the word we use to encompass one’s ability to move through adversity or struggle. It’s a combination of different traits that all need to work in unison for it to be effective. In the salon, we are breaking down the 4 areas of grit into subsections and learning how to train them specifically.  


What is the greatest, strongest, most expensive stone in the world? Diamonds. How do you make diamonds? Severe amounts of pressure. That phrase ‘nothing worth getting comes easy’ is so true. You only get to unlock your potential by seeing where your potential ends. That means putting yourself in situations that you don’t think you can cope with, that right there, is the key to building GRIT. Think about things that you have achieved or overcome where you thought you wouldn’t. I guarantee there are many. That’s what I am talking about, if you weren’t pressured to overcome that obstacle, pressured yourself to interview for a promotion, pressured yourself to achieve new heights in your life, you wouldn’t have known that you can do it. People put limits on their own potential which means they don’t get to see what they can actually achieve.  

Welcome to the first of 4 steps.


Perseverance is the foundation of Grit. Its quite simply the capacity for hard labour and to persevere. Scientifically, has been proved to be nearly TWICE as effective at achieving success than IQ. It’s the most foundational and most common form of GRIT. It’s the day-to-day grind that ensures you get through tasks.

Perseverance has 3 components to it, Willpower, Mindset and Passion. All 3 need to be present for Perseverance to be at its highest power. 


Willpower is self-control. It’s the ability to resist distraction, stay focussed, and delay gratification. It's telling yourself you don’t need a donut after dinner 4 times a week (that’s my personal battle, I like sugar). Willpower diminishes over the course of a day; this is called decision fatigue. So, whether you are completing your daily tasks, training down the gym, cleaning the house, its always better to tackle the biggest hardest task first. This is why those damn donuts look good at 9pm at night! When given numerous hard tasks to complete during a day, our ability to find solutions gets worse over time. So, attack the hardest tasks early.

The best way to train your Willpower is simply not to get distracted or give in to temptation. The more you practice getting the hard stuff done first, hitting the gym in the morning, doing the things that you don’t necessarily want to do but you know that you need to do, (like not eating donuts Tom!), complete another task before a lunch break or before you sign off at the end of the day. The more you do that the stronger your Willpower will become. It creates momentum, releases dopamine, and the more your brain recognises that the more it becomes a need to fulfill rather than a chore. 


If you think you can, then you can…..if you think you can’t, you can’t. Mindset is your attitude towards learning. Are you in a Growth Mindset, or are you in a Fixed Mindset? Fixed Mindset means that you believe talent is the only ingredient needed for success and no amount of practice will make you better, it’s believing you are where you are and that’s it for you. A Growth Mindset means that you believe talent or potential is merely a starting point and practice, education and mastery makes all the difference. For sustained perseverance and willpower, a growth mindset and the desire to master a skill is an absolute must!

A problem to a Growth Mindsetter is an opportunity to learn and find a solution, its an opportunity to test yourself against something 
that you haven’t experienced before. To a Fixed Mindsetter it’s a chance to hide from the challenge and wave the white flag, it’s the giving in to the lack of self-belief.  

If you recognise yourself as a Fixed Mindsetter, don’t stress. All you need to do is go back and work in your curiosities and learn more about them. This will stamp out the internal belief that you can’t learn, once this is done, you will start seeing the education in all life’s situations, you will start to live in a Growth Mindset.


Get Obsessed Stay Obsessed. Passion is important in terms of grit because there is no other way of pursuing something without passion. Working 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week gets a bit old after a while unless you have your goals in line with your passions and purpose. The thing with passion is that it isn’t always pretty. Sometimes passion comes in form of frustration, and that frustration can lead to anger or anxiety. Peak performers are able to recognise and tolerate those feelings and all the negative emotions produced by grit.  

There are many ways to train Passion, but the way I’ve found to be profound is to leave a pen and notepad at the side of my bed and write down your goals every night before you go to bed and then write them out again in the morning. It reminds me when I wake up and go to bed exactly why I am working so hard, it reminds me what I promised my wife, and more importantly…...it reminds me what I promised myself. If you have read that paragraph and said to yourself, ‘nahh, I wouldn’t do that’, go back to Willpower and read it all again! 

As always, remember, We All Smile In The Same Language 
Much love