Recycling, Reusing & Repurposing Salon Waste

plastic recycling into prosthetic arms environmental hair salon in WindsorIf you spot some cool bins with awesome artwork dotted around our salon, these are helping us in our efforts to become even more environmental and sustainable!

We have teamed up with Waste Free Systems which provides smart bins for our salon to allow us to collect waste plastic, hair, metal, paper, cardboard, and chemicals for recycling, reusing or repurposing.  We can save 90% of our salon waste from landfill and love the fact that Waste Free Systems take it away to repurpose, reuse and reimagine.  

The plastic bottles, for example, can be used to create lightweight prosthetic arms (as sported here by young Connor). That keeps plastics out of the ocean, saves waste from landfill, and is - quite simply - just the right thing to do.

By directing waste in useful and ingenious ways, Waste Free Systems, our team and you are helping the environment and assisting local communities in need.  Profit is used to support projects where we can make the most impact, such as Bravehearts, Foodbank and the Homeless Haircut Program.

We Take Your Hair Waste And Give It A New Life

We Take Your Hair Waste And Give It A New Life in Windsor Victoria


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